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    Due to obligation of scanning fingerprints, an application for a new passport must be submitted in person.


    Please be informed that all applicants should appear at the Consulate by appointment only. Making an appointment is not required for emergency situations (such as stolen passport, etc.).

    The passport application form is available at the Consulate only. The form is not available for download due to required specification of the paper weight and size.



    List of required documents:


    1. The most recent Polish passport issued after the year 1996,

    2. Document confirming personal data (Polish birth and marriage certificate if born/married outside of Poland),

    3. One passport size photo,

    4. For minors (children): a valid Polish Passport or Polish Identity Card of one or both parents. Both parents and a child over the age of 5 must be present when applying for passport,

    5. Passport fee payable in cash (CNY only).


    Passport photo information:


    Very recent with neutral face expression, taken within the last 6 months, done in front (en face), with closed mouth, with open eyes, without a hat or dark glasses, not covered with hair. Color with high quality paper, clear withe background. 




    Photo in glasses - the eyes must be clearly visible, edge lenses and frames may not cover the eyes, the lenses of glasses may not be reflective. The picture with the glasses with dark lenses - please submit the relevant certificate of disability,

    Photo with covered head - permitted only for religious reasons, upon the certificate of membership of a religious community registered in the Poland. Even in such cases the whole face (from chin to the end face) must be clearly visible.


    The waiting time for biometric passport is about 6-8 weeks.


    If you don't have Polish passport, one of the following documents must be submitted:


    1. Polish ID (dowód osobisty),

    2. Confirmation of having Polish citizenship issued by the Provincial Governor in Poland (Wojewoda),     

    3. President's decision of granting Polish citizenship.


    If you don't have Polish vital records certificate:

    A foreign birth or marriage certificate must be registered at the Registry Office in Poland  (Urząd Stanu Cywilnego). 



    Biometric Passport is valid:


    • for children under 13 years of age for 5 years

    • for others for 10 years


    It is possible to obtain the temporary passport valid 1 year while waiting for biometric passport.


    Passport fees


    At the Consulate General in Shanghai fees can be paid in cash only (CNY).


    • Biometric 10-year passport – 868,- CNY

    • Biometric 5-year passport for children only – 553,- CNY

    • Temporary passport while waiting for Biometric passport – 119,- CNY

    • In lieu of the lost Polish passport – 2604,- CNY



    Please be informed that the Consulate General of Poland in Shanghai does not send any passports by any type of mail service providers.





    Legal basis:


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