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  • 30 December 2015

    An exhibition of works of Wieslaw Borkowski was held in the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Shanghai on 6th December 2015

    Images presented on the paintings at the exhibition were memories of summer 2015, when Wieslaw Borkowski spent his vacation in Poland.

    - In addition to the sights from Krościenko by Dunajec river, forest and mountain landscapes were created during an installation of paths in Gorce mountains - the artist described his paintings. - Each stop gave me a few minutes to observe and transfer on paper the most beautiful scene. The colors were added afterwards.


    Wieslaw Borkowski Jr. was born in 1989 in Krościenko in Pieniny mountains. Artist and sinologist by passion and education. After studying sinology at the University of Warsaw and the simultaneous practice of painting and calligraphy with his master Stanislaw Tworzydło, Borkowski finished 3-year Bachelor's degree at the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou in the Department of Chinese Painting. As the first foreigner ever he won the Grand Prix of this Department for the best thesis ("Dialogue of an Apsara and an Angel", 2015). He lives in Hangzhou, mainly deals with the artistic creative work and works as an art teacher.


    Wieslaw Borkowski artistic interests primarily include dialogue between East and West as well as religious art. His biggest passion is sketching - as he says himself, he rarely parts with his sketchbook. In his art Borkowski uses techniques of Chinese painting and calligraphy, and as his artistic media he uses, among others,  paper, silk and porcelain.


    You can see Wiesław Borkowski’s  work is on his website: .

    Fot. Bai Wei
    Fot. Bai Wei

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